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HELLO-BOTTLE, LDA, including Hello-Bottle associates, directories, partners and

suppliers (collectively referred to as “HELLO BOTTLE” “we” or “our”) welcome

you to https://www.hello-bottle.com/ (“website”). —————————————


The conditions are hereby agreed between Hello Bottle, Lda., a Portuguese legal

company, incorporated under the Portuguese jurisdiction, owner of the Online

Shop www.Hello-bottle.com with the unique registration number and legal

entity no. 515303844, with headquarters at Rua Guiomar Torrezão, 21, 2765 –

227 Estoril, hereinafter also known as HELLO BOTTLE, and between any legal or

equivalent person who is willing to make purchases through the Online Shop,

hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”.———————————————————–

The HELLO BOTTLE: https://www.hello-bottle.com, is an online shop for the sale

of packaging, with exclusive sale to legal persons or similar. —————————

HELLO BOTTLE, Lda does not sell to individuals. ——————————————

The “CLIENT” is solely responsible for declaring that it is a legal person and (or)

equivalent, as well as for ensuring that it has the necessary powers of

representation. ————————————————————————————

The “CLIENT” will always be responsible for eventual damages of its own or to

third parties, as well as to HELLO BOTTLE, by virtue of making any statement or

to claim to have authority that does not correspond to the truth.——————–

The legal persons or equivalent that intend to contract with HELLO BOTTLE being

under a Special Recovery Plan (PER) or under an Insolvency Process, even if not

yet declared, must always inform Hello Bottle, Lda in advance, in order to assess

its interest in the contracting. ——————————————————————


The purpose of these conditions is to define the general conditions of purchase

established between HELLO BOTTLE and the “CLIENT”, from the time the order

is placed until the reception of the goods at the clients warheouse. —————-

HELLO BOTTLE does not provide transport services of the acquired items, being

the exclusive responsibility of the “CLIENT” to proceed with their own transport.

By placing an order, the “CLIENT” expressly accepts the General Conditions of

Online Sale, the prices, charges, and the products included in the respective

transaction. —————————————————————————————–

The conditions set out above apply to all the procedures necessary to place the

order and guarantee the monitoring of the transaction between the contracting

parties. ——————————————————————————————–

In case of any doubt in its interpretation, the “CLIENT” can send an e-mail to

claims@hello-bottle.com. ———————————————————————–


The CLIENT declares to agree to use the services of HELLO BOTTLE by clicking on

“register”. —————————————————————————————

By clicking on “REGISTER” the “CLIENT” expressly declares its acceptance and

agreement to be bound by these terms of service, as well as all other operational

rules, policies and procedures that are disclosed by HELLO BOTTLE. —————-

HELLO BOTTLE reserves the right to change or modify these terms of service, the

website, the functionality or other services at any time without prior notice,

provided that these changes become available at https://www.hello-bottle.com/

Changes and modifications will be effective immediately upon publication on the

site. —————————————————————————————————

HELLO BOTTLE is not liable for any damage or loss if, for any reason that is not

directly and exclusively imputable to HELLO BOTTLE, the site is not available. —

By continuing to place orders, to use all or part of the services provided by HELLO

BOTTLE after any changes or modifications, the “CLIENT” accepts the changes,

becoming bound to the terms and services changed or modified. ——————

All efforts are made to have accurate pricing and product specifications. In the event that a price or product specification is listed incorrectly, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for this product.————————————————————-


To register and benefit from the purchase of goods and (or) provision of services

from HELLO BOTTLE, the “CLIENT” must register in an account for the services

mentioned by : account. ————————————————————————-

The “CLIENT” must provide accurate and complete information and shall keep

its account information updated. ————————————————————–

The “CLIENT” is solely responsible for the activity that occurs on its account,

regardless of whether the activities are performed by the “CLIENT”, its

employees or third parties (including its contractors, franchisees and (or) agents

and for keeping your account password secure. ——————————————

The CLIENT agrees to promptly notify HELLO BOTTLE of any unauthorized use of

its account and of any loss, theft or disclosure of its password. ———————–

Failure to comply with these requirements will constitute a violation of these

terms of service and will constitute motive for the immediate termination of

CLIENTs account and the cancellation of the “CLIENT” right to use the website. –

HELLO BOTTLE, LDA shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from

violation of account /account data and (or) security of the “CLIENT”. —————


The “CLIENT” can place its order online at https://www.hello-bottle.com/ every

day of the year, 24 hours a day. ————————————————————–

After the order confirmation, HELLO BOTTLE can propose changes to the order

to the “CLIENT”, who must inform until five (05) days on the acceptance of the

proposed changes, or whether they would like to maintain or choose to cancel

the order.——————————————————————————————–

When in an order with more than one item, at least one of the items does not

exist in stock, it is the CLIENT’s option to request the available

items, and the remaining order will be waiting for the reposition of the stock, by

which time it will be made available or choose to receive the totality as soon as the stock

is available.——————————————————————————————

Shipping costs, if any, will be considered and invoiced in the first shipment made.

Whenever there are shipments of split products, due to lack of stock or other

reason, the costs of subsequent shipments will be supported by the “CLIENT”,

with no additional shipping costs to HELLO BOTTLE. ——————————–

In case of unavailability for more than thirty (30) days of the product, HELLO

BOTTLE undertakes to inform the “CLIENT” and to reimburse them for the

amounts paid, within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the date of

participation of this unavailability by HELLO BOTTLE. ———————————-

In the event that the client is willing to wait for the availability of the article(s),

then an email shall be sent to info@hello-bottle.com, expressing its will, before

the end of the period of thirty (30) days from the date of knowledge of the


Returns of bottles showing signs of use and (or) that have been tampered with

(breach of the seal of guarantee) shall not be accepted. ——————————–


Collection timeframe by the “CLIENT” at the Hello Bottle warehouse – for

products with available stock  are ten (10) days. ———————-

In the case of special ordered products, stock availability depends on

production, however fifteen (15) to twenty (20) days are expected in addition

to the normal collection period. —————————————————————

HELLO BOTTLE is not responsible for the transport of orders or any additional packaging

purchased. ——————————————————————————————

The transport will be the exclusive responsibility of the “CLIENT”. ——————

Damage during transport: whenever CLIENT receives any order with damaged

packaging, it must write on the distributor’s guide upon arrival of the products, in order to inform HELLO BOTTLE. ———————————–

CLIENT can also contact HELLO BOTTLE by email to claims@hello-bottle.com, so

that it can assist the CLIENT and proceed in the best way to solve the problem,

through its after-sales department. ———————————————————

The aid to the “CLIENT” mentioned above does not imply any assumption of

responsibility on the side of HELLO BOTTLE. ———————————————–

HELLO BOTTLE recommends that the “CLIENT” sees the conditions in which the

order is placed and only then signs the shipping slip or other receipt document.


When the “CLIENT” chooses to collect the acquired products, it will be informed

about the location and opening hours of the HELLO BOTTLE warehouse. ———-

After the information provided and the date of collection, the CLIENT has two (2)

weeks to collect the products as the order will be ready for collection. ———

If the “CLIENT” picks up and collects the purchase after the date notified,

additional variable fees and costs may apply. ———————————————-

If the customer does not collect the products after thirty (30) days, HELLO

BOTTLE has, without having to compensate the “CLIENT “, the right to

make the products available to other customer(s). —————————————

HELLO BOTTLE only authorizes the pick-up of its products in the warehouse to

transporters appointed by the “CLIENT” and provided they are holders of a bill

of lading. ———————————————————————————————

The” CLIENT” or the person designated to collect the product on its behalf, is

responsible for examining the product at the time of delivery and for reporting

any manufacturing defects. ———————————————————————

Claims will only be accepted if the defects are not clearly visible and if they are

reported to HELLO BOTTLE within a maximum of five (5) working days of their

knowledge and up to 365 days after they are delivered.———————————

If the defects or other discrepancies are visible, the contracting parties agree that

the CLIENT accepts that they were not enough to lose their interest in the

acquisition. ——————————————————————————————


The “CLIENT” places its orders through the website http://www.Hellobottle.

com/ witch is the only mean provided by HELLO BOTTLE for the sale and

purchase of its products.————————————————————————-

Upon receipt of the order, and if no changes are proposed, an invoice will be

issued by HELLO BOTTLE and the “CLIENT”, with the risk of immediate

cancellation of the order if otherwise, will proceed to its payment within a

maximum period of ten (10) consecutive days.——————————————–

The “CLIENT” can pay for their purchases at HELLO BOTTLE in a secure

environment as follows: Bank Transfer or Bank Account Deposit titled by HELLO

BOTTLE, LDA. —————————————————————————————

In case of transfer or deposit, please provide the number of the order (or invoice)

that was indicated to you, and send the receipt to info@hello-bottle.com. ——-

Orders placed during the weekend and holidays will only be processed on the

following working day. —————————————————————————


The prices presented shall be considered in Euros without any Tax or Charges

included. ———————————————————————————————

They do not include non-standard packaging costs and other eventual costs that

may be required by banks and financial institutions, to which HELLO BOTTLE is

not responsible, as well as franchises and insurance(s). ———————————


The exercise of the right of return depends on the cumulative verification of the

following conditions: —————————————————————————-

a) Return of the items purchased in due condition, in the original packaging in

which they were shipped. ———————————————————————–

b) Together with the returned items, the sales invoice and the receipt that

proves the receipt of the product, must be sent; —————————————–

(c) only exchanges of products of equal value shall take place. If the Client

chooses to exchange for another product and this new product has a higher or

lower cost, the total value of the order will be returned in the form of a voucher;

d) In case of a refund request for an item purchased at a reduced price, due to a

special offer or promotion, HELLO BOTTLE will only refund the amount actually

paid by the customer (in the form of voucher);——————————————–

e) On devolutions, the shipping costs will be paid by the customer, except for

those in which HELLO BOTTLE will assume the exclusive responsibility for the

same. ————————————————————————————————-

f) The items to be returned must be sent to the address stated in the order; —–

g) When the CLIENT returns the items, in the absence of any of the elements of

the item sold or, if any of them is not in excellent condition, there will be no

refund of the price, and the product will be sent back to the customer.————-

h) The shipping costs shall be paid by the CLIENT —————————————-


All content added, created, uploaded, sent, distributed or communicated

through https://www.hello-bottle.com/ is the exclusive property of HELLO

BOTTLE, or granted by it through a licensing agreement, to its partners or third

parties. ———————————————————————————————–

Any attempt to reproduce, modify, communicate, disseminate or use these

contents without the written consent of HELLO BOTTLE is strictly forbidden. —–

HELLO BOTTLE will act against any use of its rights without its

express authorization. —————————————————————————-


Hello-Bottle, Lda reserves the right to change or terminate the “CLIENT” access

to all or part of the products and services provided by Hello-Bottle, Lda at any

time, regardless of whether there is any legitimate reason.—————————-

The amendment may in particular be for commercial reasons, determined

exclusively by HELLO BOTTLE, LDA ————————————————————

The abovementioned decision does not confer any right to the ” CLIENT “. ——-


The acceptance of these terms does not imply the formation of any partnership

nor does it bind either Party to enter into any future contract or agreement. —-

Before ordering or purchasing ON-LINE, the “CLIENT” must confirm that its

devices meet the specifications necessary for their good performance. The

“CLIENT” must also ensure to have access to a SAFE Internet connection and

support the cost of communication. ———————————————————-

The images inserted on-line by HELLO BOTTLE have an informative character,

and do not constitute a guarantee of being exactly the same, so it is requested

that the “CLIENT” contacts HELLO BOTTLE before ordering. —————————


This Agreement and all legal relations between the Parties, within the scope of

the same, shall be regulated and integrated in accordance with the applicable

Portuguese Law, and for any disputes arising from its violation, the Lisbon District

Court shall have territorial jurisdiction. ————————————————————–