Innovative, Sustainable, and User-Friendly:

That’s Hello-Bottle Glass Packaging.

Sustainable Innovation

Beyond just using glass, we meticulously analyze each component for its environmental impact to create genuinely eco-friendly packaging.

Functional Design

Our unique advancements in glass packaging go beyond aesthetics to provide tangible, user-centric benefits.

End-to-End Solutions

From concept to final product assembly, we offer comprehensive packaging solutions, including quality control and efficient logistics.

At Hello-Bottle, we’re not just about selling glass packaging; we’re about creating meaningful consumer experiences. Besides our own product development we partner with cutting-edge brands that share our values of sustainability, functionality, and design.

Pearl Jars

Pearl Jars brings a fresh perspective to traditional canning, fermenting, sprouting, and storage solutions. Pioneering the use of lacquer-free stainless steel closures, this range not only ensures a healthier user experience but is also designed for durability and repeated use.

Wild Glass

Wild Glass offers a unique twist on glass packaging, taking sustainability and design to new heights. Made from up to 100% post-consumer-recycled glass, each bottle features a unique, authentic look that embraces natural imperfections. Beyond aesthetics, the manufacturing process is tailored to use less energy and water compared to traditional methods.

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