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Glass packaging closures for your needs

Different types of glass packaging closures can be used to seal bottles and glass jars. In this article, you will learn more about closures for glass packaging.

What are the functions of glass packaging closures?

Depending on the function that the closures will perform, they can have different formats. They can be manufactured with different materials or with the same material as the glass packaging.

Among the main functions of glass packaging closures, the following stands out:

  • Safety: glass packaging closures are essential to keep the contents stored in pure and untouched glass containers, avoiding the penetration of foreign substances. Thus glass packaging closures provide a barrier to dirt, oxygen, moisture, and others.
  • Preservation: this function has to do with the previous one. To preserve the food and drinks stored in the glass packaging they must be well sealed. That is why glass packaging closures also play a fundamental role to preserve the content stored in glass containers.
  • Reuse: glass packaging closures allow containers to be used several times. They can be used to store leftovers that will be consumed later or can be washed and used to store new content.
  • Avoid waste: glass packaging closures contribute to avoiding wasting food and drinks, allowing the stored content to be consumed at different times by consumers.
  • Avoid premature opening: Efficient glass packaging closures prevent unwanted opening of containers and exposure of stored content.
  • Design and aesthetics: glass packaging closures contribute to the beauty and sophistication of glass containers.

As you can see, glass packaging closures perform several functions from safety, security, design, preservation, and sustainability.

In the next topic, we will talk about the different types of glass packaging closures.

Glass Packaging Closures

What type of glass packaging closure is better? 

Glass packaging closures can be manufactured with many different materials. Closures can also have different closing systems according to the main functions they will perform.

So, to discover what closure is better for your product, you have to analyze the content that will be stored in the glass packaging and what are the functions that the closure will play. 

Glass Packaging Closures

Where to buy closures for glass packaging?

In this topic, we will introduce you to the closures offered by Hello-Bottle and Hello-Pearl.

Hello-Bottle Glass Packaging Closures

Hello-Bottle offers a wide range of closures for glass bottles. Our collection includes exclusive closures for some of our premium bottles. 

Eco Philos GPI

This closure was developed especially for the Eco Philos GPI bottle. This closure, like the bottle, offers an innovative design that highlights the stored content.

This closure is made of plastic and is transparent in color. The finish size is 400/28 and fits all available Philos GPI bottles. This closure also offers outstanding space for customizations to highlight even more your brand.

Standard GPI Aluminium

This beautiful GPI closure is made of aluminum and can be combined with different glass bottles.

This standard GPI closure is made in size 400/28. It is available in Gold and Silver colors.

T Shape Bartop Cork

The standard T-Shape Bartop 21,5 closure is available in different materials, including cork. This classic closure combines with diversified glass bottle styles. It is also available in different colors. 

T Shape Bartop Synthetic

This classic Bartop closure also combines with many different glass bottles. It is available in Gold and Silver.

Vinolok 21,5

The unique and original Vinolok closure is made out of a combination of glass with a plastic sealing ring. It comes in flint color and standard size of 21,5. 

This closure offers a beautiful combination with some of our special glass bottles Dome Eco Doble Alto and Silo Doble Alto

Hello-Pearl glass jars closures

Hello-Pearl jars are the perfect solution for everyday needs. Hello-Pearl closures are free from varnishes and adhesives. Our stainless steel rust resistant lids offer the essential solution for versatile storage.

Mariposa Closure

Hello-Pearl Mariposa Mason Jar features a unique swing-top closure with a modern twist. This is a fully detachable glass cap for easy refills, thorough cleaning. 

For thorough cleaning and multipurpose use, you can easily disassemble the Mariposa closure.

Sunnycap Closure

Our Sunny Cap modular features a glass lid for full visibility from the top and works with an easy screw cap closing mechanism. Simply screw the lid on top and, your jar is ready to use.

Luna Cap Closure

Our original Luna Cap comes with a fully reusable and recyclable Pearl Seal to ensure it is airtight, watertight, and leakproof to prevent spills and keep contents happily sealed. Luna Cap can be used for storage and preservation. 

You can find complete instructions on how to make the best use of Luna Cap on the Hello-Pearl website.

Classic Swing Closure

Make a home for your fresh fruits and vegetables with our Classic Swing Mason Jar. Our unique Pearl Seal adds an extra seal of approval for low migration and rust-free storage solutions.

As you can see, Hello-Bottle and Pearl Jars offer complete solutions in bottles and glass jars, including sophisticated and innovative closures.

If you like to learn more about our complete line of products, including Pearl Jars, please contact us by email info@hello-bottle.com or by our contact form available here!

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