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Champagne Bottle News: Meet Brad Pitt’s Rosé Champagne Brand

A true story that would make an Oscar-worthy movie!

Brad Pitt has an enviable career in cinema, but what just a few know is that he also excels in the world of wine and Rosé Champagne.

In the article below you will discover more about this love story between Brad Pitt, Wine, and Champagne’s world.

Celebrities Rosé Champagne brands

Source: https://www.instagram.com/fleurdemiraval/

Brad Pitt is not the first celebrity to venture into the world of wine.

Personalities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Post Malone, and Jon Bon Jovi had previously linked their names to different wine brands.

However, Brad Pitt stated in an interview for People that Fleur de Miraval is not just another “celebrity wine.”

“For me,” Pitt explains to PEOPLE, “Champagne conjures up feelings of celebration, quality, prestige, and luxury. But rosé Champagne is still relatively unknown. Backed by our success with Miraval in Provence, I wanted us to try to create the defining brand of rosé Champagne, focusing all our efforts on just this one color.”

Check out more about Brad Pitt’s journey in the wine world before Fleur de Miraval.

The love story between Brad Pitt and Rosé Champagne

Source: https://www.instagram.com/fleurdemiraval/

The story between Brad Pitt and wine entrepreneurship has almost a decade. It started in 2012 when he was still married to Angelina Jolie.

That year the then couple launched Miraval together with Famille Perrin, their business partners. Famille Perrin owns the highly-respected Rodolphe Peters Champagne, sold in over 70 countries (Peter Mikelbank via People).

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Next we will talk about the launch of Fleur de Miraval.

Fleur de Miraval Launch

Source: https://www.instagram.com/fleurdemiraval/

The new Brad Pitt Venture is the foundation of a house entirely specialized in Champagne Rosé, Fleur de Miraval.

Fleur de Miraval is part of the Pitt and Jolie Venture into winemaking. They have produced award-winning rosés since their launch in 2012, and the news for 2020 does not stop there. According to the Robb Report, besides Rosé Champagne’s launch, the couple and their partners have released a haul of new wines and even a new winery this year.

Brad Pitt’s new Rosé Champagne brand’s launch is scheduled for October 15th in a limited release, consisting of 20,000 bottlings. Each bottle will cost 340 Euros, equivalent to 390 Dollars.

The unique and preferred ‘saignée’ method” was used to create Fleur de Miraval.

Peter Mikelbank (via People magazine) explains that “Aged for three years on the lees of the Peters caves, Fleur was created employing the saignée technique, a unique rosé-making process offering optimal quality. Once particular to Provence, France, saignée is the preferred method of creating rosé as it builds better, bolder wine by “bleeding” away a portion of pressed grape juice from contact with the mash.”

Champagne is a beverage of controlled origin – AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée). That means that only those made following French legislation and produced the traditional Champagne region in northeastern France can be called “Champagne.”

Source: https://www.instagram.com/fleurdemiraval/

So, Fleur de Miraval’s creation was not one-sided. In addition to Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie (Miraval founders) are also involved in the production Famille Perrin (already partners with Pitt and Jolie in Miraval), and the Champagne regions’ Peters family. The last family owns vineyards for generations at Le Mesnil-sur-Oger village, the Cotes de Blanc site.

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